As a parent in Boston, MA, have you introduced your kids to piano lessons yet?

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As a busy parent in Boston, MA, do you want to give your kids a break from their everyday activities and a chance to thrive in piano lessons? At the South Shore Piano School, we provide engaging piano lessons that are so clear and easy to follow, your children will come to love music as a meaningful part of their lives.

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They're only children for so long.

Boston, MA is a town full of history and the arts, and we offer remarkable piano lessons just next door. But it's easy to forget about music as our schedules get busy.

You blink, and your kids are grown up.

Want to give your Boston kids as good or better an experience as you had in piano lessons yourself?

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take that first step.

Boston is a city full of energy and excitement, and we offer remarkable piano lessons right next door. But it's easy to forget about music as things get busy. 

You blink, and your kids are grown up.

Want to give your Boston kids as good or better an experience as you had in piano lessons yourself?

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take that first step.

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Discover What Awaits in Piano Lessons. All Just a Short Trip from Boston, MA.


Piano lessons will give your children a creative outlet that you never thought possible.


Music gives your kids a way to express their feelings in a way that language just won't do. 


The confidence that comes from learning this skill over time becomes part of kids' identities.

Reduced Stress

Music study has been proven to be a healthy means of reducing stress in students of all ages. 


Through recitals, workshops, and playing with other students, your kids will soon make new friends.


The time management and patience skills your kids learn will apply to life as well as music.

We were all beginners at one time.

Now, we're here to guide students of all ages.

We teach piano lessons in Quincy, MA, but we're just a short drive from Boston.

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What's Included in Piano Lessons at SSPS

One-on-One Weekly Lessons

Included in tuition are weekly one-on-one piano lessons with one of our teachers. Your teacher will develop a customized plan for your child's practice with detailed weekly assignments.

Group Classes and Workshops

Your kids are eligible to participate in workshops and recitals to develop their practicing and performing skills. Most schools offering piano lessons in Boston, MA don't offer this very often, if at all.

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Every month, we have student recitals that anyone can perform in. Friends and family from Boston, MA and beyond are invited to see your kids' accomplishments from piano lessons.

How to Get Started

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We Teach Our Students to Enjoy Music for Life

When you sign up for piano lessons at the South Shore Piano School near Boston, MA, you're investing in your kids' future. To develop the musician they were born to be. To give them the ability to express emotions when words just won't do. To develop the skills to learn any music they want.

And most importantly, to connect with others.

Your kids will learn skills that apply to other areas of their lives. Things like time management, resilience, patience, problem-solving, and more. The returns on your investment in piano lessons are substantial.

We know there are many places you can take piano lessons in Boston, MA that are probably closer and cheaper. But at the South Shore Piano School, we do piano lessons differently than other places in Boston, MA.

Our teachers receive the highest pay in the area, as well as health, dental, and retirement benefits. This allows us to attract and retain the best teachers: Teachers who have a history of successful teaching and connecting with students on an emotional level.

You get to have the peace of mind knowing your investment is going into your children's education and not into overhead or the owner's pocket.

We also have monthly recitals and workshops, which are included in tuition. We know that in order for piano lessons to be successful, Boston students need the opportunity to connect with students from other MA towns on a regular basis.

For both teachers and students, we have deviated from the traditional conservatory model so we can create a remarkable experience that your kids will take with them for life.

Learning to play the piano doesn't require hours of practice every day. It just requires a consistent, productive practice routine.

At the South Shore Piano School, we'll show you and your kids how this can be accomplished within your schedule. It's not only manageable, but they will come to enjoy the process!

If you have a particularly busy schedule, you don't even need to worry about the commute. At SSPS, online piano lessons are in option, so your kids can take remotely from your home in Boston (or anywhere in MA!) if desired. Students can also alternate between in person and online if needed.

Distance and commute time won't keep your kids from taking exceptional piano lessons anymore.

Maybe your kids are already in piano lessons in Boston, MA and have hit a wall in their progress.

Don't worry, this happens.

We welcome transfer students. We can work with your children's unique learning style to figure out what the problem is and set them on a clear path forward. Learning and excitement await!

As a member of the wider musical community, we encourage students to consider participating in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We are also actively involved with the programs of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

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