Live in Brockton, MA and want to give your kids piano lessons that build confidence and skill?

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Searching for quality piano lessons near Brockton, MA can be a challenge. At the South Shore Piano School, our piano lessons are so clear and easy to follow, your kids will come to enjoy music for life.

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piano lessons brockton

The Learning Opportunity Your Children Won't Find in School

Childhood is the ideal time for children to take advantage of piano lessons. Research has shown their brains are wired for music learning. The same way they learned language.

But life gets busy, and it's easy to put piano lessons off until later. Then you blink, and your kids are adults.

As a family in Brockton, MA, there's an opportunity awaiting your children in piano lessons. All just a short drive away.

It only takes a few clicks to get started.

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Explore the Benefits of Our Piano Lessons, all near Brockton, MA


Your kids will have a means to express what's in their imagination through piano lessons.


In learning to play the piano, your kids will learn to express their emotions in new and exciting ways.


Your kids will become confident, independent learners through their work in piano lessons.

Stress Reduction

Kids are stressed these days. Learning a musical instrument has been proven to reduce this.

Make Friends

With monthly recitals and workshops, your kids will make new friends in our musical community.

Time Management

By practicing, your kids will learn to manage their time. This translates to success in all areas.

We get it. Deciding on where to take piano lessons near Brockton, MA is a big decision.

As a parent in Brockton, MA, you might be nervous about taking the first step. Maybe you're not sure how piano lessons work.

Or, perhaps you don't know how to find the best piano lessons for your kids in the Brockton, MA area.

Not to worry. We've guided hundreds of parents just like yourself through this process and changed their kids' lives.

And we're excited to do the same for you.

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Satisfied Students


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Years of Collective Teaching Experience

Piano Lessons at SSPS Include:

Weekly Lessons with Your Piano Teacher

Tuition includes one-on-one piano lessons with one of our faculty members. Your teacher will tailor the approach to your child's learning style, keeping you informed along the way. We're big on parent education.

Monthly Group Classes With Other Students

Community is one of our values at SSPS. Every month, your kids will have the opportunity to participate in workshops and community events to improve their skills and make friends. All at no added cost.

Performing Opportunities Every Month

We hold two student recitals every month. You can invite your friends and family from Brockton, MA and beyond to enjoy seeing what your kids have accomplished in piano lessons.

Here's How to Begin:

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We Offer the Most Remarkable Experience in Piano Lessons near Brockton, MA

The South Shore Piano School near Brockton, MA is an opportunity to invest in your children's future through piano lessons. To allow them to discover their potential for music learning. To give them ways to express themselves in new, exciting ways.

And most importantly, to make connections with others.

We teach our students skills that apply to so many other areas. Problem-solving, patience, resilience, time management, and the list goes on. It's an investment with many returns that go beyond the studio.

We know you can find piano lessons in Brockton, MA that are closer and cheaper. But at the South Shore Piano School, we provide opportunities that are one-of-a-kind on the South Shore.

Our teachers are the most qualified, highest-paid piano teachers in the area. They're paid well over 50% higher than any other school on the South Shore. And, they receive health, dental and retirement benefits.

With SSPS, you gain the peace of mind of knowing your investment is going where it's supposed to - providing the best opportunities for your kids. Not overhead or the owner's salary.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in monthly recitals and workshops with other students. We know that it’s important for students from Brockton to have the chance to meet music students from other towns in MA on a regular basis.

We do things differently from other community music schools so we can create an experience in music that your kids will take with them for life.

A common myth is that piano students have to practice for hours and hours every day. That’s just not true.

It just requires developing some simple habits on a daily basis to help them build their skills over time. Our experienced faculty will show your kids how this can be accomplished, even with the busiest schedule. It’s not only possible, but they will come to enjoy it!

Concerned about the commute time? Not to worry. At SSPS, we offer online lessons as an option. So, you can take your piano lessons from home in Brockton, or anywhere in MA. Students can also switch between online and in-person if needed.

You don’t have to worry about distance or commute time anymore.

Are your kids already in piano lessons in Brockton, MA and hitting a wall in their progress?

It's okay. It happens.

We accept and welcome transfer students all the time. We can work with your kids’ learning style to find out what the problem is and set them on a solid track forward in their continued piano adventures.

As part of the global musical community, we also encourage our students to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We are also active members of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

South Shore Piano School is just a short drive from a number of Brockton schools. Including the Baker School, Brookfield Elementary School, Angelo Elementary School, Arnone Elementary School, Downey Elementary School, South Middle School, and Brockton High School. 

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