Looking for the best piano lessons around Cohasset, MA for your kids?

Looking for the best piano lessons around Cohasset, MA for your kids?

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As a parent from Cohasset, MA, you want piano lessons that will give your kids the skills to enjoy music their entire lives. We provide just that.

At the South Shore Piano School, we provide engaging piano lessons that are so fun, clear, and easy to understand, your kids will learn to enjoy music for years to come.

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Your kids only have one chance to learn music during childhood.

We offer remarkable piano lessons a short trip away from Cohasset, MA. But it's easy to hesitate or delay getting started.

Then you blink, and your kids have grown up.

Your kids only get one chance to learn music during childhood, and we want to help you make it count.

Because we know that their first teacher will make all the difference in their love of playing music for years to come.

Boston is a city full of energy and excitement, and we offer remarkable piano lessons right next door. But it's easy to forget about music as things get busy. 

You blink, and your kids are grown up.

Want to give your Boston kids as good or better an experience as you had in piano lessons yourself?

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take that first step.

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A Short Trip from Cohasset, MA, Discover What Your Kids Will Gain from Piano Lessons at SSPS

A Creative Spirit

Piano lessons will allow your children to unleash their natural creativity through music.

Connections and Friends

Your kids will make friends with other piano friends at our monthly recitals and workshops.

Practice Skills

The practice skills your kids gain from piano lessons will apply to studying, working, and more.

Less Stress

Practicing a musical instrument has been a proven way to lower stress and anxiety.

Musical Expression

Music will allow your kids to express what's inside them in new, effective ways.

Discipline and Resilience

Building this skill over time will teach your kids the power of sticking with things long term.

You might be unsure how to get started with piano lessons near Cohasset, MA.

We get it. As a parent new to piano lessons you might not be sure where to start.

Not to worry. We want to guide you every step of the way so you have the confidence you're getting started right.

We've done this with hundreds of parents just like you. Both getting them started, and making music part of their kids' lives.

And we're so excited to do the same for you.

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Enrolled Students


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Years of Collected Teaching Experience

Once You Sign Up, You Receive:

A Private Lesson Every Week

All of our students receive a lesson every week on a dedicated day and time. Your teacher will take the time to connect with your kids and design a plan to build their musical skills every week.

Workshops, Group Classes, and Events

Community is so important to us. Every month, we hold workshop classes any student can join. Your kids will continue new things, and make new friends in music along the way. All at no extra cost.

Monthly Public Performances

We host student recitals every month that all students can participate in. Friends and family from Cohasset, MA and elsewhere can hear and enjoy what your kids have been learning in piano lessons.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started

schedule a lesson

Use the link below to set up your free trial lesson.

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Come to the trial lesson and meet your piano teacher.

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Sign up for a weekly lesson slot and begin your piano adventure!

Short Trip from Cohasset, MA, Our Piano Lessons are a One-of-a-Kind Opportunity

Piano lessons at South Shore Piano School near Cohasset, MA present a life-changing opportunity for your kids. It's a chance for your to invest in their future.

Your children will get to develop the inner musician they were born to be.

You will give them the skills to express themselves in ways they couldn't before. And that they won't learn in normal school.

We will teach them the skills to learn any music they want.

And most importantly, they will build the skills to connect with others.

The skills we teach our students in piano lessons will apply to all other areas of your kids' lives. Things like patience, problem-solving, delay of gratification, managing time, keeping a practice schedule, and more.

These skills contribute to what has been termed "emotional intelligence," or EQ. And they have proven to help students succeed just as much as IQ.

We know there are other choices for piano lessons around Cohasset, MA. Probably closer and cheaper, too. But, we do piano lessons differently from anyplace else you will find on the South Shore.

Starting with the quality of the teachers working with us.

You know how music teachers are known to be underpaid? We're not okay with that, because it translates to poorer-quality teaching. So we changed it when we started SSPS.

Our teachers are paid well over 50% higher than the industry average. Our full-time teachers are also eligible to receive health, dental, and retirement benefits.

This is almost unheard of in the community music school space.

But by structuring our school like this, we can attract and retain the best teachers with the strongest track record of successful teaching. And this provides our students with a level of teaching they won't find anywhere else.

And so, when you take piano lessons with us, you gain the peace of mind knowing your investment is going where you want it to: Providing an experience your kids will tell their own kids about one day.

In addition to weekly lessons, we also offer recital and workshop opportunities every single month. Community is important to us.

And we know that to succeed in piano lessons, students from Cohasset, MA need to meet and hear students from other towns on a regular basis.

We've broken the mold of community music schools, for both teachers and students. All to provide a remarkable experience your kids will take with them for the long term.

You might be thinking that your kids need talent or hours of daily practice to succeed in piano lessons. These are common myths that have been disproven many times.

Success in piano lessons only requires consistent routines and habits.

We've helped hundreds of families set these routines up at home, even with the busiest schedule. We believe any child can succeed with music once these habits are established.

Have an especially hectic schedule, or worried about the commute time? Not to worry. In addition to regular in-person lessons, online lessons are also an option.

So, your kids can take their piano lessons from home in Cohasset, MA, or anywhere else! They can also alternate between in-person and virtual lessons as needed.

Are your kids already in piano lessons in Cohasset, MA? Maybe they've been having trouble progressing?

This happens. And we love coming to the rescue.

We work with transfer students all the time. Within the first lesson, we can figure out what the problem is. And, set your kids on a path of steady progress once again.

We also encourage our students to take part on achievement programs such as the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We're also active members of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

South Shore Piano School is a short drive from a number of schools in Cohasset, MA. Including Joseph Osgood Elementary School, Deer Hill Elementary School, Cohasset Middle School, and Cohasset High School.

We're just a straight shot up route 3A.

Get started in piano lessons today!

Take that first step today! Use the link below to schedule your free trial lesson with one of our teachers.