Our piano lessons will make music a meaningful part of your family's life, all near Dedham, MA.

Our piano lessons will make music a meaningful part of your family's live, all near Dedham, MA.

piano lessons dedham ma

As parents looking to give their children a lifelong love of playing music, you've found the right place.

At the South Shore Piano School, we offer piano lessons that are so fun, engaging, and easy to follow, your kids will learn to play and enjoy music for years to come.

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piano lessons dedham ma

A wondrous opportunity awaits your kids...for now.

A wondrous opportunity awaits your kids...for now.

Most parents think about giving their kids piano lessons, whether in Dedham, MA or elsewhere. But life gets busy and they wait.

But then you blink, and your kids are grown up.

At SSPS, we understand that your kids only have one chance to learn music during childhood. And we want to help you make it count.

It only takes a couple minutes to get started.

Scituate, MA is a beautiful town full of vibrancy and history, and we offer remarkable piano lessons right next door. But it's easy to forget about music as things get busy.

You blink, and your kids are grown up.

Want to give your Scituate kids as good or better an experience as you had in piano lessons yourself?

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take that first step.

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Our Piano Lessons Come With Many Benefits, All So Close to Dedham, MA

Practicing Skills for Life

The time management and problem-solving skills your kids learn will serve them for life.

Long Term Self-Confidence

Learning this skill over time will boost your kids' self-esteem and self-confidence.

Learning to Express

Kids have a lot going on inside them. Piano will give them a new outlet to express their feelings.

More Relaxation, Less Anxiety

Music study has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety levels among students.

New Friends and Community

Every month, we host events where your students will learn and make new friends.

Discipline and Resilience

The skills your kids develop through regular practice will cross over to other areas of their lives.

Maybe it's your first time and you're not sure where to begin. We get it.

If your family is brand new to music, we understand how it might feel overwhelming. Choosing the best teacher for piano lessons near Dedham, MA can feel like a lot.

But rest assured, we're here to guide you.

We've helped hundreds of parents just like you get their kids started in piano lessons. We'll show you that we are the best choice in the region.

And we'll also make sure you understand why.

We're big on parent education.

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Here's What's Included When You Register:

A Weekly Lesson With Your Piano Teacher

Every week, your kids will meet with their teacher for a one-on-one piano lesson. Same day, same time every week. Your teacher will take the time to get to know your kids and help build their skills every week.

Community Classes and Workshops

We want you to feel like you're part of a community, and that your kids get to meet other piano students. Every month, we host workshops and classes students can attend as often as they like at no added cost.

Two Public Recitals Every Single Month

Your kids should have performance opportunities to share their music. That's why we hold two recitals every month. Friends and family from Dedham, MA can hear your kids' music from piano lessons.

It's Very Easy to Get Started

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The Most Remarkable Experience in Piano Lessons Awaits a Short Trip from Dedham, MA

We've created something that's one-of-a-kind on the South Shore. Because we want to give kids like yours their best chance at really learning to play the piano.

Not just for a couple months or a couple years. But for life.

Our piano lessons are very close to Dedham, MA, and are an opportunity to invest in your kids.

To become the musical potential they were born with.

To help them learn to express emotions in ways that words simply won't do.

And to give them a community of teachers and fellow students that becomes like family.

Most importantly, your children will learn to connect with others.

The returns on your investment are substantial.

Your kids will also build skills and practices that will help them in all other areas of their lives. Aspects of piano lessons such as time management, patience, resilience, grit, problem-solving, and more will also help them in their studying, school, and work.

We know there are a lot of choices for piano lessons near Dedham, MA. Many of them likely closer and cheaper, too. But we offer an education and experience you won't find anywhere else in Massachusetts.

Starting with the quality of teachers on our faculty.

Most community music schools shortchange their students because they underpay their teachers. The industry practice has been to pay teachers about 40-50% of the rate they're charging families.

The result? Teachers quit on a yearly basis. And sadly, this means that students quit on a yearly basis.

We believe this system doesn't work. That's why we changed it when we started SSPS.

We offer our faculty the highest pay on the South Shore; well over 50% the industry average. Plus, our full-time faculty members are eligible for health, dental, and retirement benefits.

This enables us to attract and retain the best teachers we can. Teachers who not only have a history of successful teaching, but who are also able to connect with students on a meaningful, emotional level.

At SSPS, you will experience the confidence and satisfaction of knowing your investment is going where it should: To provide your kids with the very best piano education.

In addition to their one-on-one lessons, your kids will also be able to attend our monthly workshops and recitals. They'll make new friends in no time.

We know that for piano lessons to be successful, students from Dedham, MA need to meet and hear students from other regions.

We've veered from the traditional community music school model to give your kids an experience they'll tell their own kids about one day.

You may have heard a couple things about what it takes to succeed at piano. Probably that it takes "talent." Or hours of practice each day.

But those are myths.

To succeed in piano lessons, kids only need to develop routines and habits that are sustainable over time. Our teachers can help you set these routines up. Even within the busiest schedules.

You'll never have to guess how or what your kids should be practicing between lessons.

If you're worried about the travel time, we've got you covered there too. In addition to regular in-person lessons, we also offer online lessons. Your kids can alternate as needed.

So, whenever it's more convenient, your kids can take their piano lessons from home in Dedham, MA. Or anywhere!

Perhaps your kids are already enrolled in piano lessons in Dedham, MA. Maybe their progress is slipping.

We can help.

We welcome and enjoy working with transfer students. Within the first lesson, we can figure out where the issues are and set up a plan for weekly inspiration and progress once again. We've done it with hundreds of students.

We often encourage our students to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We're also closely involved with the nonprofit Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

South Shore Piano School is a short trip from a number of schools in Dedham, MA. Including Oakdale Elementary School, Greenlodge Elementary School, Riverdale Elementary School, Avery Elementary School, Dedham Middle School, and Dedham High School.

Just take your closest route to 93N to find us.

You can get started right now!

Use the button below to schedule your free trial piano lesson and begin your journey today.