Looking for piano lessons near Randolph, MA that will change your kids' lives?

piano lessons randolph

Looking for quality piano lessons near Randolph, MA can be a major challenge.

At the South Shore Piano School, we’ll take the time to connect with your kids and give them the skills and experiences to enjoy music for life. All while having fun along the way.

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piano lessons randolph

Your first choice for piano lessons could make all the difference.

The first piano teacher you sign your kids up with could mean the difference between music for life versus quitting within a couple years.

It's an important choice.

And we know there aren't a lot of options for piano lessons in Dorchester, MA.

We want to help you make the decision that will give your kids skills, experiences, and memories that will last for decades to come.

Randolph, MA is a beautiful town full of vibrancy and history, and we offer remarkable piano lessons right next door. But it's easy to forget about music as things get busy.

You blink, and your kids are grown up.

Want to give your Randolph kids as good or better an experience as you had in piano lessons yourself?

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take that first step.

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Discover What Awaits in Piano Lessons Just a Short Drive from Randolph, MA.

Creativity Through Music

Your kids will learn not just how to play music, but how it works so they can create their own music.

Communicating Emotions

Piano lessons offer a creative outlet students can use to express all that's inside them.


Learning a skill over time with practice makes self-confidence part of kids' identities.

Peace of Mind

Studying a musical instrument has been shown to bring peace of mind and reduced stress.

New Friends in Music

With monthly workshops and recitals, your kids will make new friends in our community.


Your kids will see the momentum of progress with our skill-building approach to teaching.

We know. Selecting the right piano teacher is hard!

As parents in Randolph, MA, making the right selection for piano lessons can feel intimidating. Especially if you have little or no experience in music.

Don't worry. We've got you covered.

For years, we've helped hundreds of parents just like you understand how piano lessons work.

We're excited to do the same for you.

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Happy Students


5-star Google Reviews

Over 100

Collected Years of Teaching Experience

What's Included in Piano Lessons at SSPS

One-on-One Weekly Lessons

Included in tuition are weekly one-on-one piano lessons with one of our teachers. Your teacher will develop a customized plan for your music journey with detailed weekly assignments.

Group Classes and Workshops

Your kids are eligible to participate in workshops and recitals to develop their practicing and performing skills. Most schools offering piano lessons in Randolph, MA don't offer this very often.

Regular Student


Every month, we have student recitals that anyone can perform in. Friends and family from Randolph, MA and beyond are invited to see your kids' accomplishments from piano lessons.

How to Get Started

schedule a lesson

Use the link below to schedule a free trial lesson.

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Come to your first lesson and meet your new instructor.

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Officially sign up for a lesson slot and begin your piano adventure!

We Teach Our Students to Enjoy Music for Life

With piano lessons just a short drive from Randolph, MA, South Shore Piano School presents a life-changing opportunity for your kids. They'll have the chance to develop a life-long love of music making, and experience the benefits that come with studying music.

All while making new friends along the way.

We understand there may be other options for piano lessons in Randolph, MA. Probably even closer and cheaper. But at the South shore Piano School, our offerings are one of a kind.

We will teach your kids skills that not only build their piano skills, but also apply to other areas of their lives. Time management, problem-solving, resilience, patience, and a whole lot more!

Most community music schools underpay their teachers. This does students a disservice, because it translates to lower-quality teaching. But at SSPS, we do things differently.

We pay our teachers over 50% higher than any other music school or studio in the region. Our full-time teachers also receive dental, health, and retirement benefits.

This is nearly unheard of for community music schools. But we believe it's why we've grown so quickly. Because when teachers are paid and treated well, they can give 110% to their teaching.

At the South Shore Piano School, you have the peace of mind knowing your investment is going where it's supposed to - to providing the best music education possible for your kids.

We're big on community at SSPS. In addition to their weekly lessons, your kids will have the opportunity to sign up for monthly recitals and workshops. At no extra cost.

We know how important it is for students from Randolph to meet kids in piano lessons from other towns in MA.

We've flipped the traditional community music school model for both teachers and students to provide a remarkable experience your kids will remember.

You may have heard that success with piano requires talent or hours of daily practice. But that's a myth.

For kids to succeed with piano, it only requires sustainable habits and routines that work for them. Our experienced teachers will help you with this. And it can be done even with a busy schedule.

If you're hesitant because of the commute time, not to worry. We also offer online lessons. So, your kids can take their piano lessons from home in Randolph, or anywhere else in MA, anytime they need.

Maybe your kids are already taking piano lessons in Randolph, MA, and they've had a hard time progressing.

This happens. And we're happy to help. We accept and welcome transfer students who have begun lessons with other teachers.

 By taking the time to learn about your kids' learning style and issues, we can untangle the problem. And set them on a path towards steady progress once again.

South Shore Piano School is a partner of the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We're also members of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

Your kids' piano lessons are just a few clicks away.

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