A Short Trip from Sharon, MA, Our Piano Lessons Will Give Your Kids a Life-Changing Experience

A Short Trip from Sharon, MA, Our Piano Lessons Will Give Your Kids a Life-Changing Experience

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As a family in Sharon, MA looking for the best piano lessons for your kids, you might be overwhelmed with options.

At the South Shore Piano School, our skill-building approach to teaching and community experiences will give your kids the skills to enjoy playing music for life.

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Your first choice of piano teacher will make all the difference.

We know there are many options for piano lessons in and around Sharon, MA.

Your first choice could make all the difference in your child's success. But, how do you choose?

At SSPS, we want to help you make the right decision for your kids and your family. 

We won't just show you how we're the right choice for a remarkable experience...we'll also help you understand why.

There are a lot of options for piano lessons around the town of Rockland, MA.

And your first choice of piano teacher can make all the difference to your children.

It could mean the difference to loving music for life or quitting within the first few months.

We can help you make the right decision for your kids and your family.

We won't just show you why we're the right choice, but also help you understand why.

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The Benefits of Our Piano Lessons are the Best You'll Find Around Sharon, MA

Mindfulness and Stress Relief

Research has proven that music study and practice improves mindfulness and reduces stress.

Emotional Intelligence

The skills learned in music lessons will improve your kids' empathy, patience, resilience, and more.

New Musical Friends

Every month, your kids will make new friends through our recital and workshop program.

Renewed Self-Esteem

By learning musical skills over time, your kids will gain confidence and self-esteem.


Your kids will build the skills to express their feelings in new, interesting ways.


The piano will give your kids a chance to practice using their creativity and imagination.

It's hard to choose when you're new to piano lessons. We get it.

Maybe you don't have much experience with piano lessons. Or maybe you don't have any experience at all.

And with many choices around Sharon, MA, it can be hard to choose.

But not to worry. We've guided hundreds of parents just like you through the process of how our piano lessons work. And, we've given their kids the skills to enjoy music for life.

We're so excited to do the same for you.

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Happy Students


Google Reviews, 5 Stars

100+ Years

Of Collected Teaching Experience

Once You Sign Up, Here's What's Included

A Dedicated One-on-One Lesson Slot Every Week

Once a week on the same day and time, your kids will have a dedicated piano lesson with one of our teachers. All of our teachers are experienced at not only teaching musical skills, but also connecting with students.

Group Classs and Workshops

Every month, we host a series of group classes and workshops on a variety of topics. These are open to all students enrolled in lessons at no cost. There's something for all ages, levels, backgrounds, and interests.

Public Student Recitals Two Times a Month

Every month, we hold two student recitals anyone can perform in. Most schools only hold one per year. Family and friends from Sharon, MA and elsewhere are welcome to join in the fun from piano lessons.

Just Three Simple Steps to Get Started

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Come to the lesson, meet your new teacher, and have fun!

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Claim a weekly time slot, and begin your adventure in piano!

We Provide the Most Remarkable Experience in Piano Lessons Near Sharon, MA

A short drive from Sharon, MA, piano lessons at SSPS are a substantial investment in your kids' future.

They will have the opportunity to become the musicians they were born to be. Research has shown that all kids can learn music, with the right teacher and environment.

We're here to help you realize that potential.

With our skill-building approach to teaching, your kids will gain the skills to learn whatever music they want. For life.

They will also gain the ability to express emotions in ways that words simply won't do.

Most importantly, your kids will develop skills that will allow them to connect with others in deeper, more meaningful ways.

The skills your kids gain will have a positive impact on all areas of life. Things like patience, resilience, grit, problem-solving, time management, and more will serve them in all areas. Whether in school, work, or relationships.

We know you have several choices for piano lessons in Sharon, MA. Many of them probably closer and cheaper.

But we offer an opportunity in piano lessons that you won't find anywhere else. Starting with the quality of our teachers.

It's no secret that most studios and community music schools underpay their teachers.

The result? Teachers burn out and resign all the time.

And as a result, students quit all the time. And we find that tragic. So, we wanted to change things.

Our teachers are the highest-paid on the South Shore, receiving over 50% higher than the average wage. Our full-time teachers are also eligible for health, dental, and retirement benefits.

This allows us to attract and retain the best teachers.

They are pianists with degrees who aren't just performers, but also have a long history of successful teaching and connecting with students.

And so, at SSPS, you gain the confidence and peace of mind knowing your investment is going to the right place - providing the best experience for your kids. And the best chance at enjoying music for life.

As an added bonus to weekly lessons, your kids will also be eligible to sign up for monthly recitals and workshops. We're big on community. Otherwise, piano lessons can become kind of lonely over time. 

And we know that for piano lessons to be successful, students from Sharon, MA need the chance to meet and hear students from other towns.

We've broken the model of traditional community music schools. All so we can provide a learning experience your kids will take with them for life.

Have you been under the impression that it requires talent or hours of daily practice to succeed with piano? That's a myth.

It's much simpler, actually. 

All that's required for success in piano is establishing routines and habits that are sustainable. And this can be done within even the busiest schedule.

Our teachers are very experienced and can show you how to set these routines up. It's not only simple, but you and your kids will come to enjoy the process.

If you have a hectic schedule or you're worried about the drive, we've got you covered there, too.

In addition to in-person lessons, we also offer virtual lessons on the Zoom platform. And so, your kids can enjoy their piano lessons from Sharon, MA, or any town for that matter!

Families can switch between in-person and virtual lessons as needed for the greatest flexibility.

Maybe your kids are already in lessons in Sharon, MA and have hit a wall in their progress.

No worries. This happens with students.

We love welcoming transfer students who began lessons elsewhere. Within the first lesson, we can usually uncover the issue and figure out the path towards progress again.

We encourage many of our students to participate in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We're also members of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

South Shore Piano School is just a short drive from a number of Sharon public schools. Including Heights Elementary School, East Elementary School, Cottage Street School, Sharon Middle School, and Sharon High School. All just a straight shot up 95N to 93N to 3N.

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