October 12


Becoming a Strong Finisher

Lots of people are good at starting things. 

Not as many people are good at finishing things.

"What's the answer," you ask? It's simple. Practice finishing things.

"That makes no sense," you say? That's fair. There is a bit more to it than that.

When we select our projects, we need to think about the timeline. Because, what happens if we're only starting projects that will take six months to complete? Then, we're probably noticing a tendency to give up before reaching the end.

But what if you picked up similar projects that would take, say, a week to complete? Then you can practice finishing every single week!

Take published authors, for example.

For most authors, it's doubtful they opened their computer for their very first project and wrote an entire novel.

They probably started with short stories. Blog posts. Articles. Things that could be shipped in a small amount of time.

They not only improved their craft, but also their ability to finish projects. To ship them into the world on a regular basis.

So, if you're finding that you struggle finishing your projects and reaching your goals, consider this.

Maybe you need to practice finishing with smaller projects. And over time, you'll work your way towards building the skill to finish those big projects.

Just in time for people to call you a "genius" and an "overnight success."

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