August 29


Changing the User Interface

Ever navigate a website that you have to use (like for your electric bill), but the user interface sucks?

The colors are boring.

The font reminds you of a police report.

It's hard to find anything.

It crashes.

And no one can help you.

Would you ever want to come back to that website again? At least, if there were another alternative?

Now, think about how you practice. Whether it be piano, music, exercise, or anything else.

Is it boring? Is it unpleasant? Do you count the minutes until it's over?

Do you dread coming back to it, even though it's something you're pretty sure you love?

You might need to change your own user interface. (Deep...I know.)

If you normally practice at night, try it during the day.

If you keep your practice notes in a notebook, try putting them in the computer.

If you don't have practice notes, try taking practice notes.

If drawing a pretty picture gets you going every time you overcome a challenge, go for it.

You can change the experience of your practicing in as many ways as you can imagine. So if you're having trouble staying motivated, try changing your user interface.

You might surprise yourself.

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