May 22


Deflating Inflation and Recessions

Maintaining a practice and thinking critically can help people stay calm during things like inflation and recessions.

Both of which the news makes people panic about these days.

Yes, inflation is pretty rough this year. But it's part of the natural course of things, too. After all, look how much things cost 30 years go.

But things like pay and career opportunities also go up. For the people who look for them, that is.

And when it comes to recessions, the only reason people panic is because they don't understand how the stock market works.

When the market goes down, it's an opportunity for the people who stay calm and think long-term. It's a time when stock prices go way down. You can get way more for your investment dollar if you stay in your monthly investment routine.

And the stock market always comes back up. Always.

Even if it doesn't look like it will, the government seems to possess a magical ability to produce stimulus money to make sure it goes back up.

The only reason people lose their shirt during a recession is because they panic and pull their investments out at the wrong time.

Practice. Calm. And long-term, critical thinking.

Your protection against pretty much everything you see on the news.

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