September 28


Details and Niches

I tend to listen to audiobooks or music on the drive in to teaching. So, I keep my eyes straight ahead and don't pay much attention to the shops along the way.

Until one day, I decided to. 

There was so much I hadn't noticed. And I'd been making this drive on the regular for years.

Nick's diner.

Gun shop.

Coin and currency shop.

Fine and unique cabinetry.

Places I'll never set foot into. But never took notice they were there to begin with. Why would anyone go to these places?

Each one has its audience.

Most people don't know what a coin and currency shop is. But, there must be an audience and clientele that counts enough for the place to keep the doors open.

And hey, you never know. There might be something around you that you're interested in. Something you never noticed before.

All you have to do is turn the noise off and take a look around.

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