October 30


Do Something About It, Then

It's election season. And so, the complaining begins. On social media, the news, pretty much everywhere you look.

I don't comment much on politics. It's too easy to offend someone.

But my one complaint about politics is simple.

It's that, by relying so much on the government, we give up our personal power to fix the problems we complain about.

A great example is teachers.

I think most people agree that teachers should be paid more. And so, for decades society has complained that the schools, the state, the government, need to pay teachers more.

But, has pay for teachers ever gone up? No...not really.

And so, we end up in an endless cycle of complaining and being dissatisfied, which leads to more complaining.

You don't have to rely on others, though. If you believe that teachers should be paid more, you can do something about it yourself.

Send a teacher $100. Start your own school that pays teachers more. Only support schools that prioritize their teachers.

That's how we started SSPS.

Community music schools underpay their teachers. The notion of paying teachers higher is universally laughed at by administrators. After decades of wishing and making appeals, it was clear nothing was going to change.

So, we started our own school. One that pays teachers a clear 50% higher than the next highest-paying community music school gig on the South Shore.

And have grown to a population of eight teachers and over 240 students in three short years.

When you try to do something yourself...fix a wrong with the world...there's no guarantee it will work out.

But it's a whole lot more interesting than hoping the system will fix itself, when we know it never will.

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