June 24


Eggs in One Basket

The horror movie The Village was terrible. (Spoilers ahead, in case you want to stop here and experience the disappointment firsthand.)

It put all its eggs in one creative basket. It put all its faith in the "twist" ending.

The movie is set in a 19th-century Pennsylvania village surrounded by woods where monsters roam. One of the villagers is injured and needs medicine from the surrounding towns. Towns no one has ever seen, because no one leaves the village.

The twist ending is that the village is actually in the present day.

Which could have made for a clever ending.


The plot was slow.

The characters were neither interesting nor memorable.

The horror parts weren't really...scary.

It was kind of a bore. By the time we get to the twist ending, we just want the movie to be over already.

Creativity is about small, calculated risks done again and again.

Bet the farm on one big idea at the expense of all others, and you risk burning time, money, and maybe even your reputation.

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