May 17


Embracing the Knowledge Gap

There's always going to be a gap between your knowledge and your ability to do something. And it should be that way.

I've written a lot on learning versus implementing lately. This is part of that theme.

It's impossible to know every, single thing you need to know to do something. And if you have to know every detail before doing something,'re probably just never going to do it.

You can read all about chess, but there's no amount of reading you can do that will allow you to become a chess master. You have to start playing chess.

You can try to read the manual on how to use a MacBook if you're thinking of changing from Windows. But it will be long and boring. And you still probably won't be able to use a MacBook.

You have to buy the thing and start using it.

There should be a knowledge gap. There should be a big one, in fact. And you should embrace it.

Because inside that gap is the best learning of all.


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