August 6


Every Other Week

Every so often, a family will ask if they can change their lessons to every other week instead of every week.

And every time, we say no. For a few reasons.

The first is the practical matter of income and security. If a teacher has a student for one hour every other week, then it renders the off weeks impossible to fill.

Unless of course another every-other-week student can be found to fill those off weeks. But only another student who is also interested in every other week...and can meet that exact day and time of the week...and wants the same lesson length...

Talk about a scheduling nightmare...

But then, there's the reality that every-other-week lessons never work out.

Most of the time, families ask for every other week because progress has slowed. Or, the schedule is busy and they want a break.

But every other week doesn't provide the solution they were looking for. It's like deciding to see your personal trainer every other week because you're having a hard time exercising.

Progress slows to a standstill. And then, every other week turns into "we're taking the month of October off." And then that turns into "we're going to put lessons on hold for a while."

In other words, quitting...

We've all taught every other week students earlier in our careers. And the result was always the same. Even for the ones who insisted they weren't going to quit.

It's literally a zero percent success rate. At least, in our experience.

And so, like doctors who wish to do no harm, we don't allow every other week lessons.

For the greater good of the student hoping to play music for the long haul.

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