May 28


Experts and Decision Makers

The response to COVID should have been a simple one.

1. Ask the experts - scientists.

2. Do what they recommend.


But it rarely works out that way. The people in charge have their own ideas and agendas, regardless of expert advice. 

And there's always pressure to please as many people as possible in order to stay in charge.

We see this everywhere these days.

In education, teachers plead with administration to make changes that will never happen. And many times the people with the decision-making power have never set foot in a classroom.

Ninety-six percent of scientists agree that global warming is a thing. And that it will make life uncomfortable for us in the future.

But the decision-makers decide on their own reality.

And so, there's one thing that experts who want to create change must do. 

They must do everything they can to become decision-makers. Even if they have to build their own organization or following from the ground up.

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