August 19


In It For The Long Haul

A couple days ago, I finished the final episode of Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad prequel. It was a satisfying finish to a well-crafted story arc. 

But, there's something even more profound that occurred to me.

In order to understand the final episode, you had to have watched all of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

Breaking Bad premiered in 2008. Better Call Saul finished in 2022. That's fourteen years of commitment to a storyline!

Skip a season or two, and the final episode wouldn't make sense. In fact, most of the show wouldn't make sense.

Sticking with it for that long, that's a commitment. Granted, watching a show is easy for anyone to do. You just have to sit and watch.

But even with this simple activity, looking back over a long span gives you a deeper appreciation for any work. Even a TV series.

Now, imagine what that long haul could look like when it comes to your own story.

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