May 16


Learning and Implementation

Learning is a wonderful thing. But if it stops there, it doesn't do you any good.

Have you ever had a project you wanted to start, but you never felt ready?

Maybe you want to start a business. So you decide to read a bunch of books on starting a business.

But once you finish your reading list, you don't feel ready. There's more to learn. Maybe you need to learn about how to build websites and sales pages.

So you spend a month or two learning everything about building your website and sales pages.

But something still doesn't quite feel right. Maybe you need to take a marketing course or too. Then you'll be ready to start your business.

You see the problem here.

Learning is starting to sound a whole lot like...procrastinating.

And it is procrastinating. It's putting off the scarier (yet infinitely more effective) thing...implementation. Most of the time, we have all the information we need. The challenge is finding the courage to use it.

It's a matter of comfort versus discomfort.

Implementing something new is uncomfortable. Scary, even.

But learning more feels warm, cozy, and safe. Most people would prefer another YouTube video, book, or course to publishing their new idea for the world to see.

But implementing is the most effective form of learning.

When you learn just enough to implement an idea, you learn through experience. You meet new challenges, learn just enough to conquer them, and move on.

Anyone can read a book on jazz piano concepts. But to learn jazz piano, you have to jazz piano. Put the skills to work. Fail, tweak, experiment, and try again.

Anyone can read a book on getting fit. It only works if you implement what you learn into your diet and exercise.

Anyone can take a course or read a book about starting a business. But you're only an entrepreneur and innovator when you press the "start" button.

Learning is great. But it's nothing without implementation.

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