September 19


Looking Too Closely

You know those books for beginning readers? Like, for four-year-olds?

The stories go something like this.

Mat had a bag.

Meg had a bag.

Mat and Meg had a bag.

Meg sat on the bag.

Mat was sad.

Here's the funny thing about those books. I will read them with my kids, helping them through the pronunciation. And then, at the end of the book come the questions to test your understanding of the story.

And I won't be able to answer a single one of them.


Because I was so focused on the pronunciation of the words, I neglected to pay attention to the story itself.

Fascinating, right?

The same thing happens with music. And a lot of projects we work on. We get so involved in the details that we forget to pan out and look at the work as a whole.

Don't get me wrong, though. That first step is necessary. You have to learn spelling and pronunciation before you can understand. And you need to walk before you can run.

But, if you don't take some time to step back and look at the bigger picture, then you'll always be left with unanswered questions.

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