December 4


Lost Dog!

While traveling, I noticed a peculiar sign outside of a Starbucks.

Sticking out of the grass, it said, "Lost Dog!" followed by a phone number.

It's going to be one of those things I'll always have to wonder about. I almost wish I called the phone number.

Was the sign saying that there is a lost dog in the neighborhood? And that's the number to call if found?

Or was the sign saying they found a lost dog, and to call the number to retrieve it?

Or was the sign an advertisement for a new age band called Lost Dog, and the phone number was to reserve tickets?

When we put things out the in the world, it's easy to take for granted whether people understand what we're talking about. Even with something as simple as a sign.

The solution?

Show the work, the article, the piece, the sign, to someone else and ask for feedback.

That's the only way you'll ever know if people are seeing your stuff the way you want it to be seen.

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