May 26


Luggage Store at an Airport

Every airport has at least one. A luggage store.

They're like showrooms, really. 

Always with bright lights and signs. Marble flooring. And a salesperson who looks like he walked out of a magazine cover. makes no sense.

Why would an airport need a luggage store?

I mean, sure...people who are traveling need luggage. But by the time they arrive at the airport, they clearly have luggage. They're not selling to people with no possessions.

And that breathtaking salesperson? Pretty much always the only one in the store.

So what's the purpose? There's no way an airport luggage store sells enough pieces to afford the lease.

Maybe it's an elaborate advertisement so when you think about luggage one day, you'll remember the shiny sign and supermodel. 

Or maybe it's some kind of scheme to stop terrorism that only top-level FBI agents understand.

Sometimes it's worthwhile to look at something and just ask...why?

Even if you don't find the answer, it makes for interesting thought processes.

Or the occasional blog post.

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