July 12


Modern Note Taking

When we learn to take notes in school, it's for one purpose - to do well on the test.

Once the test is over, the notes are cast aside. They've served their purpose and are no longer needed.

If only this were how taking notes worked in real life.

Once we graduate from school, we have to continue taking notes. For our work, for our projects, to learn new things. But there are no tests anymore.


Our notes serve a different purpose now. Or could serve many different purposes, for that matter.

We need to use our notes in a variety of ways, with or without notice. And we need to figure out how to put those notes into action. 

It's a different way of using these blocks of knowledge.

In addition to this mindset, we also need technology to help us with our notes. For we need to be able to call up the exact notes we need in an instant. Most note-taking apps make this easy with a simple search function.

When we redefine note taking with an action-oriented mindset, and take advantage of the technology available, then we can finally start putting our learning to good use.

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