August 4


Music Teacher Hypocrisy

Most music teachers agree that music teachers are underpaid. And that music teachers should be paid more.

That's fair.

But then...I'll often see Facebook posts in teaching groups that look like this.

I'm looking for a free scheduling application I can use for scheduling my students. Can anyone give any recommendations?


What's a legitimate website service that will allow me to build and host a website for free?

Ironic, right?

That the same people who complain about low wages for music teachers will turn around and only seek technology that's has a free version.

Despite the fact that developers had to put time and effort into said technology. And that developer also has bills to pay.

In contexts outside our field, it's easy to be the very thing we're trying to change in the world. All without even realizing it.

All the more reason why radical empathy is more important than ever.

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