November 7


Musical Families

Research has shown that kids who come from musical families have a greater chance of long-term success with music.

But, people have certain auto-images when they hear the term "musical family."

Namely, images of one or both parents playing musical instruments, amateur or professional. So, of course their kids would succeed.

So, many parents may think, "I don't play, my spouse doesn't play...we're not a musical family at all!"

But that's not true.

In fact, you can become a musical family tomorrow if you want to be. Heck, you may already be one.

Musicians who came from musical families didn't necessarily have parents who played. But, they had parents who loved music.

They would play music in the house.

They would play music in the car.

They would talk about music. Music they like, music they don't like.

They would go to concerts, and take their kids along.

From a child's perspective, their parents love music. And kids follow what their parents do. Whether they know it or not.

So, if you're a parent struggling to keep your kids motivated with piano or any other instrument, give this a try. (If you're not already.)

Play music recordings around the house and in the car.

Talk about music.

Check out a concert or two.

Become a musical family.

And watch what happens.

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