November 19


Over the Hump

I try to start most mornings with four rounds of breathwork. Getting started with the first round is the hardest, though.

Because first in the morning, I have a few dozen voices in my head. In addition to the usual ones, of course...

You don't have time for this!

We could save 20 minutes and have coffee NOW!

What else could you do with this time?

By the third round I'm in the flow, though. And I find that I'm enjoying the time. And by the end of the fourth round, I'm glad I finished it. My head is (mostly) cleared up by then and I'm ready to start the day.

But it requires getting over that first-round hump.

It's the same when it comes to practicing. Most people aren't super jazzed about learning new music by copious repetition. Most of us would skip straight to sounding awesome if we could.

But after the first 10 minutes or so, I find flow. I start seeing the small increments of progress that will add up over time. And then it becomes fun. requires getting over the hump.

Not only getting over the hump. But anticipating it. Figuring out how to deal with it.

And over time, embracing it as a natural, even beautiful part of the process.

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