October 14


Perceptions of Time

On my way home, I saw someone ahead of me run a red light. And I decided to try an experiment. 

After I stopped, I started my timer. I wanted to see how much time the speeder saved. 

7 seconds...

That's right.

The driver risked an expensive parking ticket. And the driver risked getting into an accident. All to save seven seconds of time. 

The irony is, he was up ahead waiting for me at the next red light. So in the end, he didn't even save the seven seconds.

Of course, this sounds like an error in judgement on the driver's part. But, we all run through our own red lights for similar reasons.

We're in such a hurry, not really sure where we're headed most of the time.

And so by default, ten minutes of practice time each day feels like moving mountains.

Twenty minutes of meditation time? No way. We've got other things to hurry off to.

An extra hour of sleep? That's what coffee is for, right?

But when you stop and think about it, we really do have the time. But when we run the red light of our hopes, dreams, health, and happiness?

That's when we're not really going anywhere at all.

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