June 23



The first part of Stranger Things Season 4 has been out for a good month now. People are still talking about it.

What is it that makes some things talked about, and others...not so much?

I think the answer is whether that thing is remarkable or not.

It's a word that you hear thrown around a lot. But we don't think much about what it means. We use it interchangeably with "awesome" or "amazing."

But what does it mean?

I think being remarkable means worthy of being remarked upon.

So by definition, for something to be remarkable, it needs to have something interesting to remark upon. Something worth talking about.

Stranger Things Season 4 has been remarkable in two ways.

First, it set a record for the number of suspenseful story loops all happening at once. Thus, making it impossible to stop watching.

And second, the episodes were unusually long. Some were over ninety minutes; what you'd expect from a full-length motion picture.

Even if the storyline weren't that great, people would still be remarking on the oddly-long length of the episodes.

The idea is simple. The execution, complex. In our creative efforts to create change and come up with something remarkable, it needs one thing.

Something that can be remarked upon that's worth talking about.

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