August 3


S/he Who Hesitates is Lost

"He who hesitates is lost." -Unknown origin to a degree that even Google can't really help me.

You've probably heard that quote at least once in your life. It's truer today than ever.

There are opportunities everywhere. But the difference between now and a hundred years ago is, they're flying by at a rapid pace. 

And with COVID, our perception of time has shifted permanently.

For example, it feels like summer just started and there's only a month left. What the heck?!?

We're also in the age of perceived time starvation. We feel like we don't have time for anything. And so, we're prone to let opportunities pass us by. Because we're "just too busy."

But when we're always too busy to do the things that matter, we really are lost. 

We're running from one thing to the next trying to stay afloat. Usually doing things we're not crazy about to begin with.

So don't hesitate. Pick something high on your priority list you want to do. And be the "weird" one who finds the time to do it.

Then you'll get to see what living and creativity are all about.

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