July 26


Short TV Shows

I just finished watching "Man vs. Bee" on Netflix. I was able to watch the entire 9-episode series in an hour and a half.

Because the episodes were about ten minutes long.

While it's kind of an odd length of TV episode, there's a weird satisfaction in completing an entire episode in such a short time. But then, that's happening everywhere.

YouTube "shorts" are the latest rage on YouTube.

And on TikTok, the shorter, more attention-grabbing the video, the better.

It's a tough question, this direction we're headed in. The question is, are filmmakers adapting to shorter attention spans and busier people? Thus, understanding them better and giving them content in a form they can digest?

Or, are they contributing to shortening attention spans by focusing on short lengths? Rather than creating something so remarkable, people want to keep watching for longer.

One isn't necessarily better than the other. But it's worth taking the time to ask the question to begin with.

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