June 21


Solve for X

My favorite field of math was always algebra.

It was like we were on a mission. To solve for X. Sometimes Y or Z. Sometimes all three.

But, then there's the way you solve for X.

Stripping the excess "stuff" in the equation. Until you're left with X on one side of the equals sign, and the "thing" that X equals (be it a number, or something else) on the other.

There is a feeling of satisfaction when you solve for X.

Not just in an equation, but in life.

(If the realization that a life analogy is coming makes you want to throw up a little right now, you may stop here...I won't be offended...today.)

When something is dragging you down in your creative work, non-creative work, or personal life, try solving for X.

X being the root cause of what's bothering you.

Like a detective, you can strip away the excuses, narratives, alternative explanations, and false truths until you're left starting X in the face.

And then, you can do something about it.

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