May 28


Steps, then Don’t Think

There's a simple reason we procrastinate on big projects. Or even little projects.

It feels overwhelming. And we're not sure what to do, or even where to begin.

But with simple reasons, come simple solutions. And this solution can become your latest superpower.

A warning: It's going to sound too simple.

So simple, you'll be skeptical.

But don't knock it until you try it.

The solution to overwhelm is...

...making a list of steps for your project before you begin.

And making that list so specific, that you don't have to think anymore. You just look at the next step on the list, and execute.

For example, say I need to make a YouTube video. The steps to make it would be:

1. Free write and brainstorm ideas for a YouTube video.

2. Do some research on the ideas I came up with, and see how many have already been taken by other YouTubers.

3. Research whether people are actually searching for videos like the ideas on my list.

4. Decide on the winning idea for the YouTube video.

5. Write the script for the video.

6. Shoot the video.

7. Edit the video.

8. Create a thumbnail and description for the video.

9. Upload to YouTube.

No guessing. The normally overwhelming, fuzzy concept of creating a YouTube video codified into simple steps. All I have to do is execute.

You can use this for anything. Whether figuring out how to run a meeting you have no idea where to start with, or even planning your next family vacation.

Write out the steps. Then execute.

It really can be that simple.

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