August 30


Superficial and Deep Enjoyment

There are two kinds of enjoyment.

There's superficial, or surface-level, enjoyment. This is the enjoyment you get from grabbing a soda, eating your favorite food, or watching Netflix.

And then there's deep enjoyment. Deep enjoyment is harder to find.

But it's the enjoyment that connects you to your deeper self. The enjoyment you achieve from learning a new piece of music at the piano. Or from learning something about yourself that you didn't know before. 

Or even just enjoying what it means to be alive with a few deep breaths.

It's easy to get wrapped up in surface-level enjoyments.

There's nothing wrong with them. But they're very easy to do. And kind of addicting. Most people can easily live their whole lives jumping from one superficial enjoyment to the next.

But when you find deep enjoyment, that's when you learn what it really means to be alive.

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