October 25


Symbols of Wealth and Status

The psychology of money and wealth is interesting. Take this, for example.

Someone drives a $100,000 car. That's a symbol of wealth. "That person is wealthy," you might think.

But, consider this.

By purchasing a $100,000 car, that person is now $100,000 less wealthy. Because they lost $100,000, spending it to buy the car.

Or, take the busy entrepreneur or executive who boasts a 90-hour work week. Sure, it may come with a huge salary. Maybe it comes with a level of status.

But that person is also losing the time that could have been spent on other things. Personal wellness. Time with family. Learning a musical instrument.

Work may think they're a superstar. But from the perspective of others or even themselves, not so much.

Whenever we automatically think of someone as wealthy, powerful, or of high status, there's always a flip side.

Symbols aren't as simple as we think.

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