September 12


Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

When we have big, daunting projects ahead of us, it starts to feel like weight on your shoulders. And that's scary. So we procrastinate and do something else.

But the weight doesn't go away.

Maybe you've been meaning to clean up the house. But it only gets worse.

Maybe you need to study for an exam. But studying is hard, and other things are more fun. So, things only get worse leading up to exam day.

Or it could be piano. There's a recital coming up, and you're worried about how the performance is going to go. So you pretend it doesn't exist until you can't ignore it anymore.

There is a cure for this, though. Something that will take the weight off.


Yes. It's that simple.

Not easy. But it is simple.

I find it helps to not question taking action and just do it. Otherwise, in that moment you take to think about it, the lizard brain kicks in and tells you to run and hide.

But when you take even the tiniest bit of action. Cleaning a corner of a room. Spending 15 minutes studying. Practicing the piano for 20 minutes. 

The weight starts to lift.

And then that feeling of relief becomes a feeling of pleasure. And then you want to take more action to keep the cycle going.

When you're worried or stress, take action.

It can be as simple as that.

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