July 18


The Attention Economy

When it comes to practicing, so much depends on your control over your mind. Especially how well you can pay attention and hold focus.

But we live in an unprecedented age. One where everything is vying for your attention. This is often referred to as The Attention Economy.

If you scroll through social media, you'll find that the most popular posts are the most ridiculous. Because they're trying to cut through the noise to grab your attention.

Or check out the most popular YouTube videos. Many of them have so many cuts, even of just one person talking, it's uncomfortable and unnatural to watch.

But, this keeps people's attention better than one longer shot.

With so many vying for our attention, the only way we can cope is by not paying attention to anything. Otherwise, our brains would explode.

But the side effect over time has been an overall decreased attention span.

The good news is, if you can practice building your attention and focus, then it's official.

You have a modern-day superpower.

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