May 29


The Default Option

Other countries tend to have more organ donors than we do. For a specific reason.

Here in the US, we're asked if we want to be an organ donor when we get our license.

In other countries, being an organ donor is the default option. You have to take action to opt out rather than opt in.

We're seeing the same thing in hotels these days.

For a long time, the default was for hotel housekeeping to clean your room while you were gone. Every day.

Now, the default is for them to not do that. You have to ask them to do it. It began with COVID, but now has been positioned as a "we want to respect your privacy" kind of thing.

The result?

Fewer rooms are cleaned each day.

We're wired to go with the default option. It's the path of least resistance. It requires no effort.

Knowing this, there are two questions to ask.

Which things are you doing that don't serve you, but you continue because they're the default option?

And, which things do you want to do that you're not doing? How can you turn these things into the default option?

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