September 15


The Hardest Thing to Do

We're living in a new age of overwhelm. It's easier than ever to become overloaded.

Easy to take too many jobs. Easy to sign up for too many extracurriculars. Easy to say "yes" to too many things.

Maybe it's the post-COVID era. Maybe it's inflation. Maybe our sense of time has been permanently changed.

And so, what's best for us is often the hardest thing to do.

What am I talking about? Rest.

Try closing your eyes for 5 minutes, and just relax. About two minutes in, you already felt that pull of "I need to get to my next thing!" didn't you.

While it's easy to take on too many things, it's hard to say no. To keep a day clear for fun. To side aside time to do nothing.

But ironically, taking the time to rest and do nothing means the things you do become all the more meaningful.

And the punchline is, you'll become happier and more productive than the most devout workaholic.

Rest. It's the secret superpower.

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