August 24


The Incomplete Handbook

I came across a book in a bookcase yesterday.

The Complete Book of Voice Training.

I couldn't help but think to myself...Really? It's all right here, in this little book?

There are similar books in the world.

The History of the World (about 300 pages)

The Complete Guide to Playing the Piano (250 pages)

They sound catchy. Maybe it's all a marketing thing. But realistically...can one learn all that the title says in a mere few hundred pages?

They're incomplete. They need two parts to make them complete.

First, a teacher. Someone who knows more, has done more, and can pass that knowledge to you.

Second, accepting that learning is never over. It's a process. And a journey.

That's okay, too. Because if you could learn everything from a little book, think about all the fun experiences you would miss along the way.

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