July 22


The Magic of Detachment

Remember the scene from Harry Potter where Dumbledore uses the pensieve? You know...where he touches his wand to his head, and puts his thoughts into a pool of water?

That's the magic of detachment.

Minus the magic wands, and other people being able to see your thoughts...unless you want to share them with other people, of course.

Most of us wake up the same way. With a flood of thoughts, worries, concerns, excitement, and more swirling through our brains.

And naturally, the way we deal with is...well, feeling overwhelmed most mornings.

But what if you could detach these swirling, aimless thoughts from your mind?

Well...you can. A couple ways, actually.

First, you can do some free writing. It's exactly what it sounds like. Write down everything in your brain. When you see it on paper (you've "detached" it from your aimless brain), you'll feel more in control.

And the overwhelm subsides.

Or, you know how some people like to "think out loud?"

That's another way you can detach your thoughts from your brain. Try it in the shower. By codifying your thoughts into audio by talking out loud, you're giving your head a rest.

Your thoughts start to make a little more sense.

And you can double your happiness, productivity, and calm.

That's the magic of detachment. 

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