July 16


The Power of Choice

Not long ago, I saw a viral video on Facebook of a disgruntled Amazon employee. He was talking about the working conditions.

How every warehouse worker on the line was tracked.

How, if the computers detected a lapse in activity of more than five minutes, that employee was terminated immediately.

How workers were given 15-minute breaks, but it would take seven minutes just to walk to the "break area."

Grueling conditions, for sure. And, you can bet that the video received thousands of comments and re-shares.

But, there was one element missing from the video.

The worker didn't share why he continued to work there. Why he chose to show up every day to such conditions. And why he didn't look for employment elsewhere.

No matter how rough the gig is, it's always a choice to show up. 

That's the power of choice and freedom. If you hate the gig, you can always choose to pursue another one. Once you accept that you have a choice, it's an exciting thing.

Because happiness, sadness, success, or failure is ultimately the sum of those choices we make.

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