June 26


The Remarkable Public Bathroom

A few weeks ago I was traveling back to Boston from Tucson, Arizona. One of my flights was delayed too much to make my connection, so I had to land in Providence instead.

Nearly two hours later than planned.

With an hour-long Uber ride home still ahead.

But one aspect of my return journey will forever stand out. The quality of the bathroom in the Providence airport.

It was pristine. It had marble flooring. The doors were made from finished wood, and were sealed from top to bottom for maximum privacy.

And the smell was the smell of joy.

We live in a world where most public restrooms feel like they'll give you an infection just from looking at it. Especially airport bathrooms that are pounded mercilessly for 20 hours a day.

So, I wasn't looking for a remarkable bathroom. But the care that was taken with this bathroom for an unexpected, remarkable experience will be a story I tell for generations.

And that's why being remarkable counts.

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