October 17


The System is the Goal

We tend to be obsessed with outcomes. The results.

The final performance of a piece of music we're learning.

The finished project ready to show the world.

The six-pack we've been talking about achieving for the past half-decade.

These are what goals are supposed to be like, right? Well...not really. 

Notice how many people don't finish projects. Don't finish pieces learning pieces of music. Procrastinate on putting the work in needed to achieve these goals.

That's because these goals require a process. And so, the system must become the goal before anything else can happen.

This is where things can get fun. If you can learn to enjoy figuring out systems and enjoying the process.

Struggling to get a piece of music learned? Start with a goal of implementing a system where you're getting productive practice time in each day.

Having a hard time with the six-pack? Set a goal of designing a system where you can stay on a workout routine, and find enjoyment in a healthy diet.

Maybe you're a writer whose novel still hasn't crossed the finish line or been published for the world to see. Set a goal of finding a system where you're consistently finishing bigger and bigger things until that big novel project is finished.

When you achieve system goals, you'll find that everything else becomes so much easier.

And exciting.

Which is what we want out of all our projects...right?

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I am the founder and director of the South Shore Piano School, and I have been teaching the piano for nearly 20 years. My work centers around bringing music to the lives of kids, parents, and adults in an enriching, meaningful way. At the South Shore Piano School, my incredible colleagues and I accomplish this through skill-based teaching, community, and an innovative, people-first business model. You can read more about me here.


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