January 29


Thinking Ahead

Student: Ugh, I always play a B there by mistake instead of an A.

Me: Ok...well...just don't do that.

Almost every time, the student nails it on the next try. 

Funny, isn't it?

In music, we often know where the pitfalls are. And even how to fix them. But, we humans have a tendency to play without thinking sometimes.

Okay, more than sometimes...make that most of the time.

But when you think ahead, you can fix all that. In music, and in life.

For example, if you get angry when you drive, you can think ahead. Before you get in the car, think, I'm not going to get angry today.

You'll be surprised at how effective it is when you think about the problem spots ahead of time.

Whether it's in your music, or annoying parts of your day.

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