May 23


Too Much of a Good Thing

I love The Onion.

You don't even need to read the articles. The headlines alone are enough to make you giggle all day.

A couple of my favorites over the last few years are...

Dog Feels Like He Always Has to be 'On' Around Family

Pregnant Woman Plays Mozart Daily in Effort to Make Husband Smarter

(2016) With Latest Election Results, America is Now as Bad as Donald Trump Says It Is

Great stuff, right?

But then, I made the mistake of hitting the "follow" button next to The Onion on Facebook. 

The algorithm must think I really love the Onion, because articles show up about every seven posts on my feed.

And you'd think I'd love that.

But I don't. 

Seeing the articles one after the next after the next has the interesting effect of making them less funny. Kind of annoying, even.

Like having too many cups of coffee, or one too many Twinkies, it's possible to have too much (or too frequent) of a good thing.

Even when it comes to creative work.

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