August 22


Waiting for Someone Else to Fix It

There are a lot of problems all around us, waiting to be solved. 

In our schools.

In our local government (and national government, for that matter).

In higher education.

But the biggest problem is our tendency to wait for someone else to fix it. And this waiting causes the problems to perpetuate.

We wait for the government to take care of causes...when we could have an impact on them ourselves.

We wait for higher administration in colleges to make decisions like paying teachers more...when anyone could start a new kind of school.

That's a big reason why South Shore Piano School was founded. We wanted to start a school that prioritizes teacher pay and benefits to a degree that others won't consider. 

And so far, it's working out really well (knock on wood). Over 250 students have entrusted us with their music education in less than three years.

We hope to not only change our students' lives, but change the model of how community music schools are run altogether.

Not waiting for someone else to decide to pay teachers better. But doing it ourselves.

When we default to waiting for someone else, we give up our personal power to make a difference. 

And without that power, change of any kind will be impossible.

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About Jonathan Roberts

I am the founder and director of the South Shore Piano School, and I have been teaching the piano for nearly 20 years. My work centers around bringing music to the lives of kids, parents, and adults in an enriching, meaningful way. At the South Shore Piano School, my incredible colleagues and I accomplish this through skill-based teaching, community, and an innovative, people-first business model. You can read more about me here.


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