September 23


Whose Advice Are You Getting?

There's no shortage of people lending advice very day. Solicited and unsolicited. And often conflicting.

So, whose advice do you follow?

If only there were a simple way to figure that out. Oh wait...there is.

Ask a simple question: Has the person giving you advice done the thing you're wanting to do?

If you ever say you're interested in owning rental property, everyone within a five-mile radius will say, "Yeah, but there's a lot of maintenance involved with that."

But, how many of them have actually owned and managed rental property? Likely none.

If they've done the thing, then it would make sense their advice is accurate.

If someone has built a multi-million dollar business from scratch, their business advice should lead in that general direction.

If you're wanting your kids to learn piano, taking advice from a parent of successful piano kids would be a solid move.

If you want a six pack, taking advice from someone with a six pack makes sense.

When in doubt, just ask that question.

Did they do the thing you want to do?

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