June 6


Your Job is to Ship

Seth Godin has a five-word phrase I have come to love.

Your job is to ship.

"Shipping" is Seth's term for sending work out into the world. Putting it in front of people, regardless of the outcome. 

And the most efficient way to get better at anything is to ship. And ship often.

If you want to become a better concert pianist, there's no better way than performing. "Shipping" your work to listeners' ears.

Frequently. Whether you think it's going to go well or not.

If you're a web designer, you need to publish your work. Make as many websites as you can. Create websites for businesses that don't even exist yet.

Keep shipping. Keep getting feedback. Continue improving.

If you're a writer, it's easier to ship than ever. Just start a blog. You can ship every single day. Or multiple times a day, if you want.

And with the internet and social media, there have never been more options to ship your work. Whatever that work may be.

Remember. In the end, you could have the greatest ideas in the world.

But it won't matter if you never ship them.

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