May 12


You’re Always Practicing Something

You're always practicing something. Even if you think you're not.

Over the years, I've collectively taught hundreds of students who...well...never practiced.

The all-time excuse has always been, "I don't have time."

But these students were practicing. They were just practicing something else.

They were practicing rationalizing. They were practicing using lack of time as an excuse. They were practicing putting piano off.

And they got really good at this.

How do I know? The longer this went on, the worse things became.

And over time, it became impossible to undo.

Even if we had an occasional awesome week of practicing, it rarely lasted longer than a week. A good practice week was like a drop in the ocean of putting practice off.

We adults do the same thing in other areas. Ever put off a big project you want to start because you "need more time?" You "have more learning to do," and then you'll be ready?

And then, after you've learned what you thought you needed, that's still not enough. You still need to do more learning and more preparing to finally be ready for your project.

But instead of practicing putting together your project, you've practiced something else. You've practiced the mindset of "not yet." You've practiced the habit of learning and never implementing.

And that's how we blink, ten years pass, and we wonder why we never got started.

You're always practicing something. So, make sure it's the right things. Your future self will thank you.

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