March 15


A Podcast About How the Arts Change Lives

I think we can all agree that music is a good thing for people to learn. Same for all the arts.

But, have you ever noticed that it's almost impossible to discover how regular people are learning and changing through music and the arts?

Go ahead. Google it. You'll be hard pressed to find even one story on the internet about how a child or adult learned music. We sure couldn't find any.

So we decided to start a podcast about it.

(Trumpet fanfares!)

Our new podcast, "South Shore Piano," will feature students, parents, teachers, and other leaders in the arts to explore exactly how people are succeeding and changing through music and the arts.

All of the powerful and inspiring details.

Our first episode went live today. It features one of our students, Travis. He's a phenomenal interviewer, and he's only eleven years old.

We hope you will check it out. You can download it anywhere podcasts are downloaded (Apple, Spotify, etc.), or visit this webpage to have a listen. Please subscribe while you are there!

The video versions of the podcast will also be available on our YouTube channel.

We couldn't be more excited about this.

In service to the wider community, we are passionate about showing the world how anyone can learn music. Not in a Disneyland, "you just need to believe in yourself" way. But, through real stories from real people.

Our podcast will be a place to hear those stories. Lives changed forever through the arts.

We hope you will join us for the adventure.

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For parents, students, and anyone else who believes that music can and should be a meaningful part of everyone's life.

About Jonathan Roberts

I am the founder and director of the South Shore Piano School, and I have been teaching the piano for nearly 20 years. My work centers around bringing music to the lives of kids, parents, and adults in an enriching, meaningful way. At the South Shore Piano School, my incredible colleagues and I accomplish this through skill-based teaching, community, and an innovative, people-first business model. You can read more about me here.


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