May 24


Consistency Versus Duration

Most people's excuse for not practicing something is a lack of time. And that's fair.

Or is it?

Logically, it's not.

Consistency is more important than duration. Meditation, exercising, or practicing piano for 5 minutes a day counts.

And everyone has five minutes to spare. Posts and comments on social media illustrate this clearly.

If you have time to scroll social media, you have time to practice. So logically, the "I don't have time" argument holds no water.

But, our minds don't operate based on logic.

So while in reality, the argument isn't real, the perception of time starvation is very real.

The easiest way to break out of it is to start with some amount of consistency. Even if it's just one minute.

Once you see the benefits, it will become easier to find more time.

Consistency equals progress. Progress equals results. Results equals excitement. Excitement equals motivation to practice.

It can be that easy.

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