Want to Enrich Your Child's Life with Piano Lessons?

Want to Enrich Your Child's Life with Piano Lessons?

Piano Lessons

The search for a skilled piano teacher who will connect with your child can feel overwhelming.

At the South Shore Piano School, we provide engaging piano lessons that are so clear, fun, and easy to follow, your children will come to love music for life.

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Ever feel like something is missing?

Piano lessons come with so many benefits, yet most people are never given the opportunity to try it as they grow up.

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take the first step.

Piano lessons come with so many benefits, yet most people are never given the opportunity to try it as they grow up.

It's easy to get started. Your kids were born to do this. All you have to do is take the first step.

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Discover What Awaits in Piano Lessons


Piano lessons will give your children a creative outlet that you never thought possible.


Piano gives your kids a way to express their feelings in a way that language simply won't do. 


The confidence that results from learning this skill over time is indescribable.

Reduced Stress

Music study has been proven to be a healthy means of reducing stress in students of all ages. 


Through recitals, workshops, and playing with other students, your kids will make new friends.


The time management and patience kids learn will help both in piano lessons and in life.

We were all beginners at one time.

Now, we're here to guide students of all ages.

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Happy Students


5-star Google Reviews


Years Collective Teaching Experience

What Parents Have Said About South Shore Piano School

South Shore Piano School has so much greatness to offer! The teachers are personable with the kids but also push just enough to keep them moving forward and progressing. I cannot say enough good things about South Shore Piano School!

- jennifer smith, parent

South Shore Piano School has truly gifted teachers, and I am amazed how rapidly my 5-year-old and 9-year-old have progressed in terms of their piano playing skills. The passion for the music and teaching were evident during their first lesson.

- paul mathew, parent

The educators at South Shore Piano School are top notch! The approach is very engaging and makes learning piano both accessible and fun. My son is always excited to attend lessons, and he always leaves with a smile. I'm thankful to have found such a great teacher for my son!

- jennifer greenberg, parent

What's Included

One-on-One Weekly Lessons

Included in tuition is your weekly one-on-one lesson with one of our teachers. Your teacher will develop a customized plan for your music journey with detailed weekly assignments.

Group Classes and Workshops

Every month, we hold a week of drop-in workshops and other events to help your kids develop their skills, learn new aspects of music making, and make friends.

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Every month, we have student recitals that anyone can perform in. These are open to the public for friends and family members to attend. We love seeing our community grow through these events.

How to Get Started


Schedule your free trial lesson.

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Meet your new piano teacher.

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Start your journey.

Conveniently Located

South Shore Piano School operates out of Quincy Point Congregational Church at 444 Washington St., Quincy, MA 02169. Just a short drive from Boston and several South Shore communities.

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We Teach Our Students to Enjoy Music for Life

Research shows that everyone is born with the potential to play music. Talent is a myth. You can learn to play the piano with the proper guidance, whether you are four years old or a senior citizen.

When you take piano lessons at South Shore Piano School, you are investing in yourself. To grow a part of you that always existed. To be able to express emotions that are not expressible with words alone. To develop the skills to learn any music you want.

In addition, you will learn skills that apply to other areas of your life, whether you are a student, a working adult, or a retiree. This includes time management, resilience, patience, problem-solving, and more. The returns on your piano lesson investment are substantial.

Learning to play the piano does not require hours of practice every day. It just requires a consistent, productive practice routine. At the South Shore Piano School, we will show you how you can easily accomplish this within your schedule. It is not only manageable, but you will enjoy the process!

If you have a particularly busy schedule, you don't even need to worry about the commute. During the COVID-19 lockdown, all lessons and events were held online. Now that the situation is safer for our students, teachers, and families, in-person instruction has resumed with the option of continuing online or a combination of the two. Distance and commute time won't keep you from taking piano lessons anymore.

Maybe you are already in piano lessons and have hit a wall in your progress. Don't worry, this happens. We welcome transfer students. We can work with your unique learning style to figure out what the problem is and set you on a clear path to the next level of learning and excitement.

As a member of the wider musical community, we actively encourage students to consider participating in the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program. We are also actively involved with the programs of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA).

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